#LookForTheHelpers: Mara

On Wednesday we called Mara* to check in. She told us she lost her retail job this week because of the COVID-19 crisis. Like many of us, she’s now at home with her young son and is worried about being able to pay rent and other bills. Like the rest of us, she has anxiety about “the virus” and wasn’t sure if it was safe go outside. Now she knows she is not alone, and our employment team is helping her search for a new job.

This last week and a half, we have called nearly 100 friends from a list of 600. We are finding that many of our immigrant neighbors are out of work, especially as the hospitality and service industries take hits as a result of COVID-19.

But there’s something you can do to help. A gift of $75 provides a family with a needs assessment check in and help accessing vital relief services in our community. Last week, one of our partners donated $5,000 in hopes of spurring on others to give generously. Will you give today to help Mara get back on her feet?

Your gift will:

Make sure every refugee who arrived in Spokane the past 5 years gets a personal phone call and needs assessment from World Relief staff.

Help those laid off find new jobs, pay their bills, and have enough food.

Provide vital medical & public health information to thousands of local immigrants in their native languages.

*name changed to protect our friend’s privacy