“In love we demand that families belong together”


World Relief Spokane Director, Mark Finney, spoke at the Families Belong Together rally on June 30:

Fear is a powerful force. Fear has the power to send someone running for their very life. Fear can move a mother or father to grab the hand of their child and flee their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Fear can press people to cross borders. It can send people to cities where they are aliens. It can drive them to dwell where they cannot even communicate in the local language.

Some in our nation believe that fear should determine our attitude towards immigrants. They tell us to fear our immigrant neighbors or anyone else who doesn’t look like us. They attempt to deter immigrants with the terror and trauma of separating parents from children at our boarder.

But there is a greater power in the world than fear.

The holy scriptures of my Christian tradition tell me that perfect love drives out fear. And that is why we are here today: love. More than sentimentality, real love is a deep compassion that ignites action, even sacrifice.

So today, in love, we stand against the fear-mongering of current policies. In love we refuse to be held captive by fear.

We will be a nation that chooses to love our neighbors, whether those are our neighbors across the street, or our neighbors just across the border. In love we stand with the vulnerable. In love we declare “welcome” to the refugee. In love we renounce hate-filled rhetoric and partisan political posturing. In love we cry out for an end to the cruelty of this “zero-tolerance” policy.

And in love we demand that families belong together.


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