Urgent Need: Call Congress and Change Lives

World Relief Spokane is ready & in action equipping refugees around the world. You can help make a difference too.11253967_1461334734176372_1715156987_n

URGENT: Affirm resettlement & aid for Syrian refugees!


Please call both Congress and the White House TODAY and every day this week in support of refugee resettlement and Syrian refugees. It only takes a minute.

Anti-refugee groups will call the White House and Congress this week to oppose the administration’s announcement to increase resettlement numbers and to helping refugees in dire need.

 Take Action TODAY: We need as many people as possible to call Congress and the White House TODAY and EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

It’s easy. Just say, “I support boosting the numbers of refugees coming into the U.S. I want to make sure you’re supporting the decision as well.” They’ll take your name and location. Done.

  1. Call Congress:(202) 224-3121 THREE times – ask for your representative.
  2. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111
  3. Share this alert on social media!

Example: Your voice is needed TODAY! Please support resettlement for Syrian #refugees! Call congress: (202) 224-3121

Prayer + Action = Results.

Thank you for lending your voice to this important global humanitarian need!


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