Thankful for Everything // Transformation in Spokane: One Refugee at a Time

Tomorrow, June 20th, is World Refugee Day. In honor of families worldwide, we will share transformational stories of refugees resettled in Spokane, WA.

 “I am thankful for everything. America is beautiful!”

Today’s featured refugee spent years helping the United States Military. His service brought about threats from the Taliban that put him and his family in danger. The family applied for resettlement to the United States so that they could live without fear for their lives.

UNHCR Afghanistan
Photo: UNHCR. Refugee children in Afghanistan.

Their applications went through and World Relief Spokane welcomed this family just last year. They have great hope for their future in America and are quickly falling in love with the traditions and culture, which also means they are rooting for the Seahawks. The family welcomed a new baby in February and the father is over-the-moon excited to be the parent of a new American citizen!

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Please get involved and walk beside our local refugees, they need you.


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