Freedom at Long Last // Transformation in Spokane: One Refugee at a Time

Just two days until World Refugee Day on June 20th. We will continue with our local stories of transformation in order to honor families worldwide

photo 4
Photo: UNHCR. Burmese refugee family.

Today’s featured family of four was originally from Burma and fled to Malaysia because of political oppression. Unfortunately, Malaysia is full of political violence and did not offer any freedom to this family. The father of the family experienced political violence first-hand and was forced into prison for two years. The family experienced much trauma and wished for a life where they could feel safe and free.

After waiting seven years, the family was finally resettled in Spokane. They are very thankful to have gotten their wish for freedom of thought, religion, and education for their daughters. Currently, the two daughters of the family are excelling in school and both parents work full-time.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Please get involved and help out refugee families in your community. They need you!


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