Here, We Have a Future // Transformation in Spokane: One Refugee at a Time

Please remember to mark your calendar on June 20th for World Refugee Day. In honor of families worldwide, we’ll share transformational stories of refugees resettled in Spokane, WA.

“Here, we are safe. Here, we have hope. Here, we have a future.”

UNHCR Uganda
Photo: UNHCR. New arrivals at a refugee camp in Uganda

Today’s featured family consists of four brothers, a sister, and a mother. They arrived In Spokane from Uganda just a few months ago. They were forced to leave their village in the Congo after losing their father to ethnic tribal cleansing. In Africa the brothers state that “there is no hope to stay alive for the next week.” They were surrounded by extreme violence and struggled to eat and survive on a daily basis.

Hope and big dreams are now abundant in this family’s new life in Spokane. The brothers’ dreams are to be a lawyer, an engineer, a doctor, and a movie maker! One brother just graduated from ESL school and both are working full-time. The entire family is excelling at work and school.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Please get involved and walk beside the refugee families, like this one, in your community.


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