The Role of World Relief in Combating Human Trafficking

Written by: Mark Kadel, Director of World Relief Spokane

As World Relief’s slogan is to STAND/FOR THE VULNERABLE, we take seriously the missionary call to stand for issues that are close to God’s heart. Vulnerable victims of human trafficking are some of the most oppressed, ostracized and abused victims on earth. Unfortunately, too many Americans are either unaware of the issues, or perhaps believe human trafficking does not affect them. World Relief recognizes the stigma associated with the idea that modern-day slavery exist in our world in greater numbers than at any other time in human history. We cannot and will not be silent about this issue.

Below are two ways World Relief is addressing this issue and advocating for an end to this inexcusable human rights abuse:
1. Advocacy: By providing education to the community, services providers, and at-risk populations, World Relief increases awareness on the crime of human trafficking. As more people become aware and educated on the issue of human trafficking, more victims have the opportunity to be identified and rescued out of slavery. Some of our local offices present a variety of orientations that give an overview of human trafficking, the growing criminal element in the U.S. Today, how to identify a victim, and what the audience can do to get involved.
2. Case Management Services: World Relief is able to provide quality case management services to rescued foreign-born victims of human trafficking. Working with federal, state and local law enforcement, World Relief case workers aid in providing services to help victims begin restoring their lives. Our intake procedures includes assuring confidentiality, assessment and screening, developing a service plan, coordination with legal services and law enforcement, monitoring, and advocacy for each victim assigned.
Partner with World Relief to Help Victims of Human Trafficking
Through the execution of its mission, to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable, World Relief is well suited to lead a modern abolitionist movement. As we work together as a community to address the evils of this human tragedy happening behind the scenes, World Relief acts as a leading faith-based advocate to raise awareness and provide avenues for engagement.

Please contact us to learn more about our anti-trafficking ministry. We encourage you to visit: for more information or email Mark, directly at or


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