WR Intern Spotlight!

There is a special position here at World Relief Spokane and Megan Coates is front and center. Megan is our Anti-Trafficking intern and she comes all the way from New York. She was a Human Services student at Alfred State College when she was approached by her pastor at her local church in Rochester, NY who told her about this position. The Anti-Trafficking internship is a partnership with the Set Free Movement (the Free Methodist Church’s response to modern-day slavery) and World Relief. Megan

As an Anti-Trafficking intern, she works with three local churches (Opportunity Christian Fellowship, Timberview Christian Fellowship and First Free Methodist) and their freedom teams to help stop trafficking in their specific communities. She also works at the World Relief office with The Coalition to Abolish Human Trafficking in the Inland Northwest.

When asked ‘What’s your favorite part about working here at World Relief?’ Megan said, “My coworkers. They’re so fun to be around. It’s a very relaxed environment where everyone knows their job. It’s calm, but the staff knows what to do and how to do it well, and nothing less is acceptable.”

When asked ‘What’s your favorite part about World Relief as an organization?’ Megan said, “They help people in their most desperate time. Whether it’s a refugee or a trafficking victim, as an organization, they help those people who calling for need.”

When asked ‘What kind of message do you want to put out there, as an anti-trafficking intern?” Megan said,’ trafficking is more prevalent than people realize. It happens in every country, even though these countries have laws against slavery. I enjoy going to high schools, giving presentations and just imparting knowledge to people who didn’t know these facts before they sat down and listened. I was talking to someone who knew it existed, and just didn’t turn her eye to it, and my thought to her was ‘How could you not want to turn your eye towards something like this? Wouldn’t that make you a contributor?’

When asked ‘What do you hope to take away from this internship, and just working at World Relief in general?’ Megan said, “I hope that wherever life leads me, this experience will be a part of whom I am. For example, if I end up working at a grocery store, I can tell my coworkers to buy Fair Trade Chocolate because of the certain benefits it holds to the message I am trying to give. I just hope this will always be a part of how I live and will help me continue to be more aware.”

For more information about our Anti-Trafficking Department or The Coalition to Abolish Human Trafficking in the Inland Northwest please visit:  http://worldreliefspokane.org/anti-trafficking or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coalition-to-Abolish-Human-Trafficking-in-the-Inland-Northwest/240601769307698?fref=ts. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or applying for an internship like Megan’s, please connect with our Volunteer and Internship Coordinator, Johnna Nickoloff! you can sign up for an orientation online!


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