A Moving Experience

Written by: Chase Crouch (World Relief Spokane Marketing Intern)

Today was an exceedingly special day. As an intern, I believe the general attitude to have towards your job is anything but predictable. Well, that is truly the case with a Move-In. Firstly, let me point out how great our Resettlement and Placement team is. I’ve only been here for about a month, and already see how wonderful and dedicated our team is. With the case workers, who seem to always be on top of it, to our Resource team, Robert Malone and Chris Liss, who do the heavy-lifting for these thankful families.

We arrived at the settlement location, where a refugee couple from Cuba had just finished signing their lease. We walked into the apartment, which was very put-together. The apartment was remodeled, with new carpets, paint, and linoleum. The smell of fresh paint hit us as we walked in, and that’s when I knew we were in for business.

When I first heard about World Relief’s resettlement program, I assumed these refugees set up in refugee-specific homes. I was wrong; World Relief makes it a goal to assimilate these refugees as best as possible, and resettling them in everyday apartment homes is key to making this happen. Once a family or individual arrives in the United States, their basic instinct is fear of the unknown. I feel it is World Relief’s job to make life a little easier for them, causing that fear to deteriorate.

As we move the furniture into the house, the look on each refugee’s face was priceless. The awe in their eyes reflected how thankful they were to be here in the United States, and that immediately put smiles on our faces. As we brought in different pieces, the wife would make comments on how perfect each item was. In a different language of course, but the expression was universal, and we knew exactly what she meant.

We finished putting all of the furniture inside the apartment, and gave them a little tutorial of some of the household appliances, such as the vacuum. It’s very overwhelming to think about what kind of things we take advantage of in the US, and if we were to look at it from their perspective, using an everyday vacuum, is like venturing into the unknown for them.

Working at World Relief has been a great experience so far. I’ve proclaimed myself as a sponge, just letting this internship fill my head with knowledge and information that I knew almost nothing about before taking on this challenge. Going on move-ins, helping out with refugee simulations, and just being another input to their system of love has been entirely rewarding in every way, possible.

Below are pictures from the Move-In, Case Managers welcomed a newly arrived Cuban family to their new home!


If you have any questions about an item you would like to donate or would like to schedule a donation pick up or drop off,  please contact Resource Manager, Robert Malone at  rmalone@wr.org. All donations made to World Relief are tax deductible. World Relief Spokane reserves the right to decline any donation. Please visit http://worldreliefspokane.org/donations for more information about donations!

Additionally, if you the reader are interested or know someone who may be interested in pursuing an internship with World Relief Spokane, visit http://worldreliefspokane.org/volunteer to learn more! A volunteer agency, staff at World Relief cannot fulfill our mission to serve the vulnerable without the help of the local community.


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