Suddenly God

Written by: Christi Armstrong (World Relief Spokane Employment Specialist)

Hasan arrived in the United States late last fall, a miserable time to try to find a job. The first thing everyone notices about Hasan is his smile and laughter. I seldom see him without a smile and when I pick up my office phone and hear laughter on the other end, I know it’s Hasan. From the moment we met Hasan told me two things, 1) I need a job and 2) I don’t speak English. Through the winter he managed to continue to smile as he said, “I need a job.” As winter turned into spring and others starting getting jobs, his smile began to fade when he said to me, “I need a job.” I always pray for my clients. Our director says it’s a miracle when a refugee gets a job in America. One afternoon Hasan came to my office and he was very anxious. His cash assistance time was running out and he needed a job if he was to become self-supporting. As I talked with Hasan I believe the Lord spoke to me the words “suddenly God.” I have experienced the suddenness of God many times in my life. I believed the Lord was telling me He was going to move, suddenly, on Hasan’s behalf. Through an interpreter, I asked Hasan if he read the Bible. He became flustered and said no. I assured him that was ok and then told him about a phrase that repeatedly appears in the Bible, “Suddenly God.” I told him I believed God was going to provide a job for him very suddenly, one day he would be unemployed, the next day he would be working. Hasan took my hand, thanked me, and smiled as he walked away.   I’m not sure he believed me, and quite frankly, I was silently praying that I had really heard from God. I was anxiously asking God to be the God of “suddenly.”

I walked back to my office hoping that I hadn’t missed God and unintentionally set my friend, Hasan, up for huge disappointment. I sat down at my desk and opened my email. A new message popped into my inbox from the manager at Sytech, Inc., a metal fabrication, company. The message said they needed someone right away. I called the manager and he told me he needed someone with reasonable English. I told him I had a young man who didn’t speak much English but he was a ball of energy, and had a great attitude. He replied, “We like balls of energy. Send him over tomorrow morning at 11.” I tried to call Hasan but was not able to reach him. The next morning, I tried to call again, to no avail. I told everyone I met who knows Hasan to have him come and see me right away. At 10:30 I walked into our conference room and there was Hasan sitting at the table. He was there to prep for an interview for a temporary job.  I told him he was coming with me, found an interpreter and we went to Sytech Inc.

True to form, Hasan warmly greeted the manager with a big smile and a firm handshake. He did his best to answer with the little English he had. After about 15 minutes the manager handed him two t-shirts with the Sytech logo on the front and told him to come back at 7 AM the next morning. That was two months ago. Hasan comes to our office occasionally, always with a big smile. The other day I picked up my phone, heard his familiar laugh and said, “Hasan, how are you?” With much improved English he replied, “Mama Christi, I am good!  How are you?”

I am so grateful our God is a God of “Suddenly.”

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