ReDiscovering Lent


The season of Lent is a time of reflection, repentance and prayer for many Christians as they remember what Christ sacrificed for us on the Cross. Celebrated in the spring for 40 days, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Marked by periods of feasting, praying and fasting, Lent is time to prepare for the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.

In 1944, as WWII was coming to a close the congregation of Park Street Church in Boston, MA decided that they wanted to do something to assist churches in Europe to reach out and rebuild their communities. That year during Lent, they would sacrifice for this cause and give up one meal each week. On Easter Sunday, the money that they would have spent on that meal would be given to the church’s War Relief Fund. The idea spread to other churches around the country and that Easter Sunday, through a process of sacrifice, churches collected $600,000. That’s the equivalent value of over $7 million dollars today.

For over 70 years World Relief has empowered local churches to join God’s mission in the world, to be the agents of change, heroes within their own communities, and to see the fullness of the gospel realized both in word and deed. This year for our 70th anniversary, we invite you to return back to World Relief’s roots with us and join us as we Rediscover Lent.

We hope that you will join us during this year’s Lenten season by giving up something which will free up resources to be used to help churches around the world serve their communities.

If you have questions now or would like to participate, please contact World Relief Spokane. To meet and discuss how your Church can become empowered to serve the most vulnerable, please contact:

Doug Wagley (Church Mobilizer) at or Mark Kadel (Director of World Relief Spokane) at 


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