Advent Conspiracy


As we partner with more than 100,000 volunteers in the local church, World Relief has already seen God work powerfully through millions of lives each year. Advent Conspiracy is a great way for all of us to partner together during Advent, living out the Gospel as Jesus intended, while seeing discipleship and Christ-centeredness deepen within every congregation. If you’d like more information now, we’d be honored to give you a call! Just email us at

Advent Conspiracy Summarized


World Relief and Advent Conspiracy are creating resources—including sermon notes, children’s curriculum, bulletin inserts, small group materials and a video—to help your church:


Worship Fully Christmas marks the moment where God’s promise was fulfilled and love took form, tiny fingers and all. It is a moment that deserves our full attention and praise—a celebration!
Spend Less By spending wisely on gifts we free ourselves from the anxiety associated with debt so we can take in the season with a full heart.
Give More The most powerful, memorable gift you can give to someone is yourself. And nobody models this better than Jesus.
Love All By spending just a little less on gifts we free up our resources to love as Jesus loves by giving to those who are in need.


World Relief Advent Conspiracy - PhotosIf you have a Church congregation, small group/ bible study, or group of friends and family that would like to join the conspiracy, please email: Angie Funnell at! However, we encourage ALL supporters to participate and give a gift regardless of if your Church is participating.

Please send checks to: ATTN: World Relief Advent Conspiracy

Address: World Relief Spokane, 1522 N. Washington Street, Spokane, WA 99201


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