What do you see?

Written by: Angie Funnell: Ministry Development Specialist, WR Spokane

What do you see?

I see a mosaic of color in the darkness. I see resilience in the weary. I see grace in the pain. I see trust in a handshake or head nod. I see respect in silence. I see God’s Kingdom invading Earth, as followers are persecuted for their faith, and believers are persecuted by injustice. Survivors of these atrocities, we call our friends.

I am behind the scenes, but I listen. I see the hope in the hurting, as our friends wonder down our halls to meet with their new friends (Case Managers). As the Ministry Development Specialist, I raise money for these friends to become self-sufficient and replant their lives in hope.

Recently, World Relief Spokane had the privilege to host President & CEO of World Relief, Stephan Bauman and his wife, Belinda Bauman. Please take the time to listen to Belinda Bauman, as she speaks on behalf those who have been silenced and shares what she sees: Superhero Moms of Congo

Stephan and Belinda Bauman were the featured speakers for World Relief Spokane’s annual Benefit Dinner at The Glover Mansion. All proceeds went to a continuity giving program, which provides Refugee Sponsorship, for newly arrived refugee families. During their visit to Spokane, Stephan spoke to the University population at the Moody Bible Institute as well as the Gonzaga University student body. Stephan encouraged the students to ask themselves, “What do you see?” Bauman spoke to the injustice in justice and provoked conviction in silence. He encouraged us to enter into the hurt and vulnerability, because what we will see will change the pattern of our thinking. Stephan and Belinda urged us all, to be unapologetic, as we share what we see.

On behalf of the survivors of injustice we call friends, I leave you with this, what do you see?


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